Sample and Pattern Making New York City

Pattern Making Services in New York City

We are a full service sample making and New York City pattern making company based throughout select metro cities in the US, specializing in independent and emerging clothing designer collection development. At TEG Intl we work with client’s who focus is high-end, lower volume apparel. TEG’s New York City sewing services are geared towards designers and brands that require careful handling for quality and/or complexity. Designers looking to test initial up-front inventory for online sales, rush orders, installations, or small runs for market feedback will love our product testing processes and workflow. 

We are a small volume, detail focused cut and sew company serving New York City. At TEG Intl. New York City, we’ve become a recognized as one of the industry’s premiere contract sewing companies specializing in small batch production for fashion designers and clothing brands throughout the United States and worldwide. We provide Patterns and Samples specific to NYC, while our sewing production facility is in Los Angeles.

For eveningwear designers and brands, we’re an excellent resource for bridalwear and wedding dresses designers looking to try out samples and patterns. We work well with high-end fashion designers looking for a New York City sewing company who can provide small volume fulfillment for orders ranging from 1-10 pieces per order with reasonable turn around.

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Apparel Manufacturing and Sewing Services

  • Grading
  • Marking
  • Cutting
  • Production sewing (10-50 pieces per style)
  • Hand Sewing
  • Trimming
  • Packing
  • Special projects and installations
  • Sourcing
  • Project management

NYC Clothing Samples Manufacturers Costs

Pricing & Packages

Development packages are contracted with a 6-8 week turnaround.  Payment terms are due in full upon contractual signing.  
The Test Drive - $3000
Technical design and review meeting with patternmaker
Start to finish project management
2 First patterns
2 First samples
1 Thirty-Minute fitting with patternmaker
1 Round of pattern adjustments
2 Production-ready patterns
2 Duplicates per style (4 samples)
The Capsule - $5500
Technical design and review meeting with patternmaker
Start to finish project management
5 First patterns
5 First samples
1 Hour fitting with patternmaker
1 Round of pattern adjustments
5 Production-ready patterns
2 Duplicates per style (10 samples)
The Basics - $11,000
Technical design and review meeting with patternmaker
Start to finish project management
10 First patterns
10 First samples
2 Hour fitting with patternmaker
1 Round of pattern adjustments
10 Production-ready patterns
2 Duplicates per style (20 samples)
The Collection - $16,500
Technical design and review meeting with patternmaker
Start to finish project management
15 First patterns
15 First samples
2.5 Hour fitting with patternmaker
1 Round of pattern adjustments
2 Duplicates per style (30 samples)
All package prices are based on standard designs, with an estimated 4-5 hours of work for each pattern and sample.  A surcharge will be added for complex, draped, or tailored designs in excess of this average amount of hours.  All work is completed on a contractual basis, with a guaranteed schedule agreed-upon, and with payment due in full upon signing.  Production prices may only be provided with a physical sample for review.  Turnaround times are generally 4-8 weeks, and are agreed-upon prior to starting work.  Additional samples are available upon request, for the fee of $200 per sample, for standard designs.  Packages may be built to custom-suit the customer's needs, and pro-rated for the number of styles desired.  Please contact our offices at if you have any questions.

Please feel free to contact us at for more information or with any questions by visiting our Contact Page.

Sewing Services

All garments are sewn by experienced, in-house, full-time, LA sewing team, allowing for an uncharacteristically highest level of quality control and attention to detail. Our highly-skilled sample production sewers are well-versed in the special handling of the most complex textiles or complex gown projects.  Most of our in-house team have worked closely together for many years. They regard sewing as their craft and career, embracing each project into special consideration with a high standard of perfection. 


Recent bridal and eveningwear designers TEG has developed include:


New York City Clothing Sample Makers

Following a similar format as TEG's standard development packages, the services have been altered slightly to best-serve these designers' detail and complexity, from concept through small volume production. To create patterns and samples, clients work directly with our team of sewing contractors and executives, with special attention to the details and construction to suit their audience and target market.  During the development process, TEG will house all fabrics and trims securely, providing a beautiful workspace for the brand.  

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Collection Development for New York Designers

The Evans Group provides production costing for 3 different volume levels:  (10-50 pieces, 50-100 pieces, and 100-300 pieces per style).  Styles can consist of up to 3 colorways and multiple sizes.  There is a $150 costing fee for completing the costing report.  For active clients, TEG will house the designer's pattern library in its facility.  The designer maintains their inventory of fabrics and trims, and provides the necessary amounts to fulfill each order.  This service works very well for bridal designers fulfilling individual orders, or very small volume of up to 10 pieces per style.

About New York City, NY

New York has long been considered as one of the world’s top four Fashion Capitals. It’s been given nicknames like the Big Apple, the City of Dreams, and the City that Never Sleeps. Names like these reflect New York’s bustling and influential districts that influence companies and designers all over the world. Known for being the most populated city in America, New York is also home to famous designers such as Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Valentino Garavani. New York is located in New York State and is famous for the different cultures each of its burroughs hosts as well as being the home of the United Nations’ headquarters. Locals and tourists alike regularly sell out events and concerts at Madison Square Garden, “the world’s most famous arena.”

Bloggers have claimed their place online as serious New York fashion voices that range from the eclectic Man Repeller, to the put together Atlantic Pacific. Individuals, designers, models and dreamers from around the world flock to New York for the New York Fashion Week in which international fashion collections are unveiled to both the public and the press. Its no surprise why people move to New York to be closer to the fashion industry, New York has proven itself to be the king of clothes.

About The Evans Group

Our commercial sewing services are designed to allow creativity and uniqueness in clothing collections, made locally in New York City and beautifully by hand. Drawing on the distinct backgrounds of TEG International's development team, all with extensive experiences in couture.  Together, our craftsmen create the ideal team to allow forward, unique designs, conceptualized by our client's designs. We'd love to hear from you!