TEG International
Fashion Development and Production House

We are a domestic vertically integrated fashion development and production house committed to promoting independent design and craftsmanship. Led by apparel industry leader, Jennifer Evans, and based in Los Angeles, with development studios in San Francisco and Barcelona, we create a thriving environment for the independent designer and factory worker alike. 

By offering a complete suite of domestic in-house development and small volume production services, we help cultivate novice and professional designers’ visions from inception to end product, offering careful professional guidance along the way.  We also partner with specialty artisan factories around the globe that share our high level of expertise, responsible practices, and passion for promoting independent design, to offer custom development packages and small volume production services.  As part of our Voyages program, Jennifer travels regularly to develop new alliances and grow our partner factory network.  Keep up with Jennifer's Voyages Blog for up to date developments from around the world.

Given our commitment to high-end designs and artisanal quality, we serve as a connector between highly skilled designers and craftspeople. What sets us apart though is our ability to understand the needs of both—a key ingredient in producing forward designs with great quality.  Support for our sustainable practices and demand for our high quality production has made us a new model for the fashion industry.